Thursday, July 28, 2005

Travesty of Justice

On July 4, 2005 Karla Homolka was released from prison. I'm very familiar with Karla Homolka and her husband, Paul Bernardo. Some years ago I read the book Deadly Innocence which goes into great detail about these two monstrosities. In the early 90's, Karla and Paul abducted, tortured, raped and murdered two teenage girls in Canada. The two were also responsible for the rape and death of Karla's younger sister, Tammy. Before Paul and Karla hooked up, Paul was busy raping other women, then dubbed "The Scarborough Rapist." Paul and Karla are also supsected of raping and murdering a woman in Hawaii while on their honeymoon.

Karla plea bargained for a lesser charge of manslaughter in return for her testimony against her husband. While it is true that her testimony was absolutely necessary for a successful conviction against her husband, I think Karla got off way too easily. She was sentenced to just 12 years in prison, in a minimum security facility! Inside the "prison" she was free to sunbathe, attend birthday parties and earn a degree in psychology. Where's a puke emoticon when you need one!?

I ran across this piece of ridiculousness while doing a search for some sort of press release on Karla:

"Does the public really have anything to fear from serial killers? The answer is a big fat no. Yet because of the over exposure serial killers get in the media, the public believes that they are in constant danger of being murdered."

This person obviously has no clue. Has she never heard of Ted Bundy, Kenneth Allen McDuff or Arthur Shawcross? These serial killers were repeat offenders once released from prison, though Bundy escaped from prison rather than having been released.

I believe Karla is already exhibiting extremely disturbing behavior.

  1. "On May 29, CBC reported that she chose "Karla Leanne Teale" as her new official name - "Teale" being the name that Paul Bernardo had adopted in honor of the fictional serial killer "Martin Thiel" in the film Criminal Law." If that fact alone isn't a big 'ole red flag, then I don't know what is.
  2. The conditions of her parole dictate that she have no contact with violent criminals. Yet, "her boyfriend, Jean-Paul Gerbet, is housed in the same prison for the 1998 killing of his ex-girlfriend."
  3. While in prison Karla engaged in a homosexual relationship with another inmate. It is believed by her female companion that she only "pretended to be her lover in order to get lingerie and a computer." Obviously, Karla had ulterior motives for pursuing the relationship; she simply saw it as a way to fulfill her lusts: sexual and material. It appears that Karla is highly manipulative, not a good sign given her heinous background.

Karla has a degree in psychology and I believe she has fooled Dr. Sharon Williams, her psychologist. Dr. Williams has determined that Karla does not fit the profile of a psychopath. Other professionals who have reviewed her case, but have not interviewed Karla personally, disagree and believe that she is indeed a psychopath. I believe she is still a potential threat to society.

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At Saturday, July 30, 2005 1:21:00 PM, Blogger Leo said...

Nice bit of research. I do seem to recall Homolka and Bernanrdo. Bernardo rings more of a bell though.

The three disturbing signs that you point to should have raised a red flag to the parole board. It is too bad that those who release such people are not held responsible for the heinous actions of those whom they release i.e., felonious actions committed after parole. I could almost guarantee more scrutiny for the criminal up for parole. I wonder what really qualifies one to serve on a parole board. Makes one realize that education only imparts knowledge not wisdom. What a price we have paid since secularism has taken over our society. I wonder if it is possible to quantify the harm that humanistic philosophy has wreaked on our society?

The logical fallacy in the article from Chloe Tejada at “andpop” is really appalling. How one can compare corporate crime and unsafe working conditions with serial killers is strange in deed! The author should have wrote a column on corporate crime and unsafe working conditions, rather than Homolka, which seem to be her real passion.

At Saturday, July 30, 2005 5:16:00 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

GG: "It is too bad that those who release such people are not held responsible for the heinous actions of those whom they release i.e., felonious actions committed after parole."

Exactly, I think it should be a requirement that the people who are released through parole boards must live in the same community as the board members. Maybe they would think more than twice about whom they release.

You're right about Tejada's logical fallacy. She's comparing apples to oranges and I agree that she should have stuck to corporate crime and unsafe working conditions and left Holmolka completely out of it.

At Saturday, August 20, 2005 4:14:00 PM, Blogger Leo said...

I see that a movie is being released on Karla Homolka. An article that I read came across like the movie is sympathetic to her.

I hope that she is not making money from this film. What a disgrace that would be!

At Monday, August 22, 2005 5:17:00 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks GG for the heads up on the "Karla" movie. I wonder if when it will air? If it airs in the US, I'll certainly want to see it even though it will probably make me mad to see them paint her as a victim. I do not see her as such. True she was abused, but she was just as twisted as Paul.


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