Friday, June 12, 2009

Gimme Shelter

I love the song Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones (with vocalist Merry Clayton--very powerful, listen closely) and I love the way Mick Jagger and Ben Affleck have teamed up to raise funds and bring awareness to the atrocities happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It's too bad that these people aren't being given the gospel of Jesus Christ that they might be saved and be changed.

It is unfortunate that campaigns of awareness such as these are mostly done through celebrities and non-Christian entities. I'm not saying that the Christian world isn't trying to feed and medically heal the the poor because they are, but the Christian world seems to be more concerned with itself rather than with others. Having spectacular buildings and compounds are more important to the Christian these days than starving, oppressed and lost souls.

Much more could be said, but I fear we will soon be reaping what we have been sowing.

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