Thursday, March 06, 2008

Animal Cruelty

I am so glad that the world is finally taking notice and doing something about Animal Cruelty. The video is in the right column.

God gave us dominion over the animals and the earth. We're to be good stewards over them. We should treat animals humanely up until the time they are to be prepared as the food we eat. It breaks my heart to see these animals treated so inhumanely. Animals have feelings just like the rest of us. They experience fear, joy, sadness, uncomfortableness (e.g., being too cold or too hot, hunger, allergies, etc.), pain, etc. I hope more people will realize this and hold meat, poultry and seafood plants accountable for the way they conduct business with regard to their treatment of animals. (The fisheries are guilty of senselessly killing dolphins, turtles and other animals by drowning them in their nets. There are devices which could remedy this problem.)


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In A Yugo

by Paul Shanklin

I don't think the video is all that great, but I LOVE the song. It's my favorite from Paul Shanklin. I would suggest you just read the words while the video is playing since the video doesn't really do the song any justice.

In A Yugo
by Paul Shanklin

As the snow flies

At a used car lot on the edge of town
A liberal guy and a liberal gal
Buy a Yugo

And they drive with pride

Cause if there's one thing that this world needs
It's environmental friends who'll take the lead
In a Yugo

They say, "people don't you understand
Those suburbans are ruining the land"
But they'll wish they had a full size van one day
They point fingers at you and me
They say we're too blind to see
But do we simply use our heads
And choose another way?

As those small wheels turn
Fifty miles to the gallon
And their knees on their chest
They're gonna save enough gas
For all of the rest
In a Yugo

Then one day on the interstate
They suddenly lose control
They swerve to miss a baby duck
They're squashed beneath a produce truck

But they drove with pride...

And as the crowds drive past a little flat car
You know they saved a lot of gas
But they didnt get far
In a Yugo

And as they're trapped inside
At a used car lot on the other side of town
A liberal guy and a liberal gal
Buy a Yugo....

And they drive with pride...

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Loves Me Like Barack

Disclaimer: Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian and not a Muslim. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but I still think this video is hilarious. I especially love the Oprah part.

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